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Company Profile

Ballina Capital, LLC ("Ballina") was formed in 2017.  We specialize in Global Equity investment, with an Institutional process. We invest in publicly traded securities within four strategies : 1) International All Cap Value, 2) International Developed Market Value, 3) International Small Cap Value, and 4) International Developed Market Small Cap Value.  There is substantial overlap among these four strategies. The Developed Market strategies limit the Emerging Market exposure.


Active management is under pressure.  What will prove its worth are strategies with a well founded process that is diligently followed, and above all, lead to portfolios that are not found in just any index. We believe those that can thrive will be "go anywhere" strategies.  This is what Ballina strives to do.  Our fundamental research process aims to produce concentrated portfolios that are truly active. 

Our fundamental research seeks to identify targets with earnings, assets and dividends that are underappreciated by the market. We have strong price discipline.  Together with diversification, an aggregation of undervalued securities should lead to a good investment return over time.  Ballina believes that this approach, our experience in International Investing, and our discipline of managing only as much assets as with which we can outperform, are integral strengths. 

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